*1989 in tönisvorst

lisa breyer is a german artist. she completed her bachelor in art education in leipzig and is currently studying painting at the academy of fine arts vienna (class of michaela eichwald and thomas winkler). lisa lives and works in vienna.

about lisa breyer’s work

lisa breyer creates subjective spaces, inhabited by figures that dissolve and reassemble.

her tarot series offers a playful approach to the genre of the female portrait. while the structures are borrowed from historical portrait paintings, the focus is drawn to the coherence of the depicted subject itself: each painting presents a woman, put in the center of a stage, surrounded by some of her personal objects. these theatrical and awkwardly pompous scenes are developed in a cooperative process between the artist and her model. a tarot session, in which a card is pulled, serves as a starting point for a conversation addressing questions of personality and spirituality.

meeting ghosts is a series of self portraits which explore the logic of perspective and question the relation between the parts and the whole. like in gravity, the figures are the source of a force field for the space and the objects around them. They are located in rooms that are familiar and at the same time dreamlike, built out of figurative shapes and abstract elements visualizing painterly movements. small drawings can be read as notes of thoughts and let the viewer become part of the conversation.


2023 // Rundgang, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Vienna, Austria

2023 // Modern Alchemy, District4art. Vienna, Austria

2022 // Rundgang, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Vienna, Austria

2021 // Wasserwasser, offspace, soloshow. Vienna Austria 

2021 // Art-Austria, mit Kunst ab Hinterhof. Vienna, Austria

2021 // TSCHAU, BABA, Ausstellung der Malerei- und Grafikateliers, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Vienna, Austria

2020 // Rundgang, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Vienna, Austria

2019 // studio 36, Exhibition Lisa Breyer (Wien) & Matthias Dettmann (Rostock) Rostock, Germany

2019 // Neue Wiener Ernsthaftigkeit, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Vienna, Austria

2019 // Rundgang, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Vienna Austria


since 2021 Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Michaela Eichwald und Thomas Winkler. 

2018 – 2021 Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Erwin Bohatsch

2009 – 2013 University Leipzig, Institute of Art Education. B.A.

Grants / Residencies

2019 Abstraktion und Fiktion, Workshop with Bernd Ribbeck St. Moritz Art Academy, St. Moritz/Suisse

Foto: © Aslan Kudrnofsky 2020